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Steampunk Thanksgiving Sale!

From now until December first, I am offering 20% off, storewide. No coupons, not codes, just order and enjoy the savings! I have over 80 new items listed this week (whew, I've been busy!) so come take a look around. :-)

http://www.Rivkasmom.com International shipping is NO PROBLEM! Paypal only please.

Happy Holidays!
I was looking at WTF Costumes, and I found these gentlemen:


Anywhoo, I was wondering...is this Steampunk?

so start the posting start

Post post post and post..

Have fun

Hedgies are very English

Are these hedgehogs steampunk?

*we really need a snide old professor sock-puppet who can go through and vote yea or nay on these. I'm imagining him explaining to me how just because many Steampuk things are Victorian, and Victorian is associated with England due to being named after Queen Victoria, not all English things are Steampunk. Trust me, in my head this is hilarious.*